Okay can we take a second to appreciate this gif

I mean, on the right there’re these Gladers who just look a little astonished and move slightly back.
Then there’s Thoms and Gally who couldn’t give less of a shuck
AND THEN THERE’S Frypan just freaking out like 
"Holy mother of Grievers back away it’s a GIRL" 

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Just a note to people that if you’re reblogging the stabbing scene in Insatiable, can you please tag it with the episode name? Because I really don’t like seeing it. Thanks.

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you know when you have such a burning dislike for a certain character like the level of dislike you have for them is so high and seeing them makes you feel annoyed and you try to ignore it and move on because they are just a fictional character and how strongly you dislike them feels ridiculous because you know they aren’t real but then you see their face or hear about them again and it’s just like


there you are

fuck off

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Actual real life puppy Tyler Posey hanging out with some of his kind at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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Anyone need a roommate for A12? I really don’t want to be on my own unless I absolutely have to, I don’t have the money to spend. Thanks if you can help, or point me in the direction of someone who can!

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How fucking dare you, you little fucking shit.
I know you did it on purpose. The moderator okayed your question, and when you had the mic you asked your stupid, insensitive, bull shit, none of your fucking business question instead.

It’s people like you that make people turn away from attending conventions.

Rot in hell you fuckwit.

I know what you look like. You come to nova tomorrow and you’re getting punched in your tiny little piece of shit dick.


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