ok but a slytherin student from some hoity-toity pureblood family becoming ridiculously infatuated with muggle culture

and they just approach some muggleborn gryffindor who’s immediately on guard and waiting for some kind of insult but then the pureblood pulls a fucking nokia flip phone out of their robes and says “ALRIGHT, HOW DO YOU GET THIS TO WORK. I’VE BEEN PRESSING ON THE BUTTONS FOR THE PAST HOUR AND IT HASN’T DONE ANYTHING”

(it needs to be charged)

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Fierce Leader & Loving Mother; Two sides of the same coin.

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” -Ayn Rand

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"lydia would never run and hide."

"why? because of stiles?"

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@crystalreed313: Daydream often.

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Eaddy Mays interacting with fans
BiteCon 2014: Day 2
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make me choose asked me
cora/lydia or kira/allison

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frgreen inquired:

Did you make the shirt? Where did you get the skirt? I saw one similar at Deb and I debated about getting it. What did you do for shoes?

I got the shirt at Tescos. I had to dye it, and then colour the hearts in individually


And the skirt is a plus size one from Yours


The shoes were brown thigh high boots I had from my other Allison cosplay (the one when Isaac jumps through the window).

Jeff on Derek and Kate's age difference
Alpha Panel with Jeff Davis - Bitecon 2014
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Fan Question: “I wanted to know, when Kate and Derek first met, and whatever relationship they did have, can you confirm if Derek was 18 human years or over?”

Jeff: “This question is going to get me into a lot of trouble. [laughs]”

Natalie: “What we were just talking about is in the tie-in novel, which isn’t necessarily canon, the Nancy Holden tie-in novel, it’s a student-teacher relationship, which isn’t necessarily what you had in mind for the show, but I guess that’s where the idea came from.”

Jeff: “I can’t say. I would certainly suggest that he wasn’t a minor, at least in California. It’s interesting because, as you guys know, we have a lot of issues with birthdays—”

Fan: “Really?”

Jeff: “Hey, I heard a little sarcasm over there. [laughs] But to be honest, when you’re doing the first season of television, you’re really praying that you’re just going to be on the air for that season, so some things don’t get planned very well. Will Wallace, who was at the writer’s panel, is now the keeper of all such dates. It was interesting because I just read Dr. Sleep by Stephen King, the sequel to The Shining, and he said he actually went to one of the uber fans of The Shining to make sure he gets all the details right himself. So we on Teen Wolf are a little like that, too. We may need to contact one of you to say, ‘Are we right about this?’”

frgreen inquired:

Your cosplay for Allison is perfect. :D :D :D

Thank you! :D

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Allison squared

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